Street Art. Music. Fashion. Collision.

It sure seems like Graffiti is partying it up on the fashion runway.

Often associated with music and mayhem, in recent years, the freestyle art movement has made its way into the fashion world — and in a big way. Why? Well, me thinks it’s because graffiti is meant to leave an impression. A little pop of neon, an exhilarating clash of colours and voila! Outrageous and edgy outfits are born.

Street Art’s influence on Fashion is undeniable. Independent designers such as Daniel Rodan have been inspired by important graffiti monuments such as the Berlin wall and used motifs from the wall for his designs.

And all the way up at fashion’s pinnacle — the grit of ‘back alley attitude’ has even infiltrated even the likes of fashion’s blueblood, Chanel. Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld recently created Chanel tattoos for one of the brand’s latest fashion shows. The aristocrat even used graffiti inspired prints in one of his shows, reinventing the fashion house’s iconic logo to evoke subway graffiti.

From city walls to the glossy pages of a magazine, from back alleys to music videos, you can’t escape the influence, baby.